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Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS) is a student society that seeks to create and inspire the surgical leaders of tomorrow, through fostering and enriching the education and social environment of medical students at Bond University. BUSS continues to promote the specialities of surgery through clinical workshops and careers nights presented by surgical specialists, whilst also raising funds for health charities in our community. BUSS has a growing student member base who are kept informed on the latest surgical developments, ongoing and upcoming research, and opportunities to get involved both in Australia and abroad.


Third-year medical student, Saumya Chanana, is the 2019 President of the Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS). Saumya’s passion for surgery was first sparked after a close personal family encounter where she witnessed the incredible ways a surgeon can help someone’s life. Her interest in surgery alongside past experience in leadership roles, including Secretary for BUSS in 2017, led her to the role of President. Saumya’s aim for 2019 is to build on the successes of previous years and to broaden the variety of events and initiatives hosted by BUSS, engaging all students from years 1 to 5. If you have any questions or would like to be involved in society’s events, please don’t hesitate to contact her.



Anagha Anand is the current Clinical Vice-President of Bond surgical society (BUSS). She is passionate about this role as it will allow her to support her peers through the long and tortuous journey of medical school.

Previous leadership roles such as being Vice-President of Making a difference (M.A.D) has equipped Anagha with skills to efficiently organise events, be a team player and liaise with external organisations and staff.

Anagha hopes to keep the momentum going and continue the existing events that the society has to offer as well as introduce new ones. She is passionate about being instrumental in providing opportunities for students to engage in thought-provoking seminars and workshops and would like to introduce new events, speakers and networking opportunities for clinical students in 2019. One of Anagha’s main goals for this year is to increase student engagement by bringing opportunities for students to enhance their surgical skills and also build their enthusiasm towards surgery.




Aaron is the current Pre-Clinical Vice President of the Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS). He attended the Australasian Students’ Surgical Conference (ASSC) 2018 held in Sydney and has a keen interest in the field of surgery. Aaron’s role entails giving pre-clinical students an opportunity to experience and learn more about the field of surgery through various workshops and networking events. Combining his knowledge of surgical specialties and eagerness to event plan, Aaron aims to increase student’s exposure to the surgery as well as help them develop essential skills to further their interest in this field.



Meghna is a third-year medical student who is the new secretary for Bond University’s Surgical Society in 2019. As part of her role, Meghna is responsible for the smooth functioning of the society and organising the administrative aspects of the society. This includes ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted, communicate and correspond with external parties and supporting the President, Saumya Chanana. Meghna has previously completed two years of physiotherapy and has been a part of several societies and has initiated projects at Bond and at her previous university. Her vast experience has given her the essential skills which are required for this role.

If you would like to get involved with the society’s events, please do not hesitate to contact her.



Mrinal Unuth, a 3rd-year medical student, is excited to take on the role of Treasurer of Bond University Surgical Society.

Mrinal has had previous experience and has been involved in a number of events and jobs in different countries that required him to manage and negotiate funds. He will be responsible for the financial aspects of the society in serving as liaison with BUSA, ensuring the construction of balanced budgets each semester which reflect our future goals and are tailored to our events. This will involve being a key contributor to the organisation of all events and collaborating with every committee member.

Mrinal aims to ensure that there is a pool of resources that are readily available to BUSS for its upcoming events in 2019, bringing his humble contribution towards creating more exciting events for medical students and ultimately driving the society forward in a practical and impactful manner.



Sahil Goel is a 3rd-year medical student and excited to be the Academic director for Bond University Surgical Society in 2019. His interest in surgery stems from observing multiple paediatric procedures in cardiothoracic as well as the potential and power a surgery holds to drive change in people’s lives.

As Academic Director, Sahil will be working closely with the faculty and students to help enhance opportunities for students to apply their learnt knowledge and skills in clinical scenarios. These will be undertaken via convening a variety of events in the BUSS calendar year.

In 2019, Sahil aims to bring the thrill of anatomy from the surgical tables to the BUSS classrooms and intends to make events clinically relevant to promote and inspire surgical interests in aspiring students. Sahil hopes to explore his own passion in surgery as well as represent the surgical society in positive stead. He will be dedicated to also enhancing the network opportunities between students and doctors, allowing students to further their interests in surgery.

If you would like to provide feedback on any events or contact Sahil, please do so via email.



Eileen Truong first developed an interest in surgery during her Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne. There she had the opportunity to use a scalpel for an entire year to complete a full body dissection. She was completely amazed by the inner workings of the human body. She discovered just how delicate a smoker’s lungs could become and how strong beating hearts could breakdown when suffocated with thick layers of fat. She was in absolute awe with everything she could see and touch. All this learning and discovering were only possible because there were incredible people who chose to donate their bodies to science. Eileen was utterly overwhelmed by their generosity. She felt honoured to have been able to learn from them after death and felt like it was her duty to be able to obtain as much knowledge as possible from then onwards so that one day she could help others in need.

This experience led Eileen through a passionate journey of teaching and learning over the next few years. This included becoming an anatomy demonstrator for undergraduate science and biomedical students at The University of Melbourne, managing an anatomy facility at The Australian Catholic University in Ballarat, and conducting an anatomy research project where she compared a physical neck dissection with that of a virtual dissection. In 2018, Eileen commenced her medical degree at Bond University where she has been actively involved in many clubs and societies, including Bond University’s Surgical Society as the Sponsorship Director. In 2019 she hopes to attract excellent sponsors so the society can continue to expose more and more people to the wonderful world of surgery. If you are interested in sponsoring the Bond University Surgical Society please contact Eileen Truong.



Daniel Lowe is the current Publications and IT director of the Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS). As a second-year medical student, his combined passion for both Surgery and graphic design stems from the very reason he entered medicine – to bring relief to suffering individuals through surgery. He has experience in working for an international charity – ‘Anduren Eliyata’ where he was solely responsible for designing and managing their website from scratch. In addition, his IT and design experience throughout high school has fueled his passion for both medicine and design.

Daniel’s aim for 2019 is to build upon the beautiful graphical designs of previous years, gaining inspiration from their designs and providing fresh ideas for posters, annual magazines and website. In addition, he hopes to liaise more closely with the engagement officer and Sponsorship director to provide appealing graphics and information for Facebook posts and potential sponsors.

If you have any queries regarding BUSS publications or website, don’t hesitate to contact Daniel via email.



Bhavik Barot, a 3rd-year medical student, is excited to be joining Bond University Surgical Society by taking on the role of Engagement Director in 2019. Bhavik admires the practicality of surgery and the life-changing impacts surgery can have on people. As the Engagement Director, Bhavik will be involved in social media events and publications, informing students about upcoming events and publications, and informing students about recent innovations in the world of surgery. He will also be taking part in organising charitable events and liaising with other coordinators as part of his role. Please feel free to contact Bhavik for any inquiries.


Our Events

This year, BUSS plans to continue our many successful events from 2018, whilst also introducing new, innovative ways to engage the Bond community in surgically related activities.

    Surviving your Surgical Rotation

    Day in the life of a Neuro/Ortho Surgeon

    Bond Emergency Medical Challenge

    Advanced Surgical Skills Workshop

    Interactive Clinical Anatomy Night (ICAN)

    [Semester 2 and 3 Events Coming Soon!]

    Surviving your Surgical Rotation (21/JAN/2019)

     Worried about how you’re going to survive your surgical rotation? BUSS has you covered! 5th-year students who attended a surgical placement at GCUH, Tweed, Pindara and Wesley hospital, along with surgeon and year 4 lead Dr Stephen White will be present to answer your questions and pass on tips and tricks for you to ace your surgical rotation.

    Day in a life of a Neuro/ Ortho Surgeon (13/FEB/2019)

    BUSS will present a night filled with workshops and speeches that encompass these two very contrasting fields of surgery. Students will listen to two leading surgeons as they discuss their daily routines, common surgeries and many challenges they face on a daily basis as a surgeon. Workshops will prompt you to follow the speeches and food will be served at 5:30 pm


    • Ortho:
      • Tendon Repair
      • Bone drilling
    • Neuro:
      • Pending

    Bond Emergency Medical Challenge (06/MAR/18)

    Do you have what it takes to tackle a wide range of emergency medical scenarios? Get your teams prepared and get your war paint on! EMC is an exciting opportunity for teams to compete for the best emergency medical challenge team crown at Bond University before being selected to represent the university in the state’s EMC

    Advanced Surgical Skills Workshop (13/MAR/2019)

    An opportunity for clinical year students to improve skills in suturing, cyst removal, hand typing and laparoscopy- perfect preparation for your surgical rotation AND if you’re interested in participating in the upcoming RACS competition!

    Interactive Clinical Anatomy Night (ICAN) (25/MAR/2019)

    A fun and exciting opportunity for students to compete in pairs and apply knowledge through high yield questions and cases designed to simulate the exam closely. This event is fantastic practice, working through major clinical anatomy, pathology and pharmacology concepts. A brilliant chance to get involved and get ahead with exam preparation!

    Coming Soon!

    Coming Soon!

    Current Events

    Surviving your Surgical Rotation (21/JAN/2019)

    Worried about how you’re going to survive your surgical rotation? BUSS has you covered! 5th-year students who attended a surgical placement at GCUH, Tweed, Pindara and Wesley hospital, along with surgeon and year 4 lead Dr Stephen White will be present to answer your questions and pass on tips and tricks for you to ace your surgical rotation.

      Surviving Your Surgical Rotation: BUSS Event Registration Form

      If you would like to take part in our event, please fill in your details in the Event Registration Form below and you will be automatically registered. Event registration must occur one (1) day prior to the event.

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