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Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS) is a student society that seeks to create and inspire the surgical leaders of tomorrow, through fostering and enriching the education and social environment of medical students at Bond University. BUSS continues to promote the specialities of surgery through clinical workshops and careers nights presented by surgical specialists, whilst also raising funds for health charities in our community. BUSS has a growing student member base who are kept informed on the latest surgical developments, ongoing and upcoming research, and opportunities to get involved both in Australia and abroad.


Third-year medical student, Eileen Truong, is the 2020 President of the Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS). Eileen first developed an interest in surgery during her Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne where she had the opportunity to learn about the human body via dissection. She was completely amazed by what lays under the skin, from how delicate a smokers’ lungs could become to how strong beating hearts can break down when suffocated with thick layers of fat.  All this learning and discovering was only made possible because there were incredible people who chose to donate their bodies to science. Eileen was overwhelmed by their generosity and wanted to enter into a profession where she could use the knowledge she had learnt to help others in the future.

This led Eileen through a passionate journey of teaching and learning over the next few years. This included becoming an anatomy demonstrator for undergraduate science and biomedical students at The University of Melbourne, managing an anatomy facility at The Australian Catholic University in Ballarat, and conducting an anatomy research project to compared a physical neck dissection with that of a virtual dissection. In 2018, Eileen commenced her medical degree at Bond University where she has been actively involved in many clubs and societies, including BUSS as the 2019 Sponsorship Director. In 2020 she moved into the role of President where she hopes to inspire students to explore the wonderful world of surgery. If you have any questions or would like to be involved in the society’s events, please feel welcome to contact her.



Katey Leal is the current Clinical Vice-President of Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS). She is exceedingly passionate about surgery, as well as her role of supporting her peers to become confident with surgical skills and connect with surgeons in meaningful ways.

Katey is keen to continue the momentum of the already existing events, as well as introduce some fresh faces and experiences to further broaden opportunities for clinical students.

She is also excited to be preparing a team for the much-anticipated Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ Surgical Skills Competition this year.



Daniel Lowe is the current Pre-Clinical Vice President of the Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS). As a third-year medical student, his passion for both surgery and leadership stems from the very reason he entered medicine – to bring relief to suffering individuals through surgery. Daniel has experience in working for an international charity – ‘Anduren Eliyata’ as head of communications, and also led events featuring up to 1000 participants every week during year 12. He is likeable, organised and deeply passionate about the mission of BUSS. In 2020 Daniel aims to provide students with fresh experiences within the field of surgery through various workshops and networking events. In doing so, he strives to help develop essential skills to deepen student interest in the field.


If you have any queries regarding BUSS pre-clinical events, don’t hesitate to contact Daniel via email.




Jay Tyagi is a 3rd year Medical student and the current Secretary for the Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS). As Secretary, Jay will be liaising with multiple parties within and outside the Society to ensure the administrative side of events be as smooth as possible to allow for our current events and new events to run as effortlessly as possible. Through supporting the President, Eileen Truong, well documenting meetings, corresponding the information to the members of the team and helping with the logistics behind events. Jay is excited and confident to be a part of the team in 2020 to help the team shine!

If you are interested in being involved with the Society’s events or have any propositions, please feel free to contact Jay Tyagi with the following E-mail.



Rahul Arora, a 2nd year medical student will be conducting the role of treasurer of Bond University Surgical Society in 2020.

Rahul will ensure that BUSS budgets are created that ensure procurement of materials, allowing the unobstructed execution of events that reflect BUSS values and goals. Furthermore, Rahul will liaise with BUSA to promote cordial inter-club relations and foster a receptive two-way communication between the clubs. A consolidation of the analytical, diplomatic and collaborative aspects of this role, along with his earnest passion for the field of surgery have led Rahul to undertake the responsibilities of treasurer in 2020.

With experience in constructing financial statements and negotiating funds with an authority over the years of 2017-2018, Rahul is confident and keen to take on this role and hopes to serve the students and community of Bond University to his best ability.



Saqib Akhunji is a 3rd year medical student who is excited to be the Academic Director for Bond University’s Surgical Society in 2020. His interest in surgery stems from thorough enjoyment of the anatomical sciences and their clinical applications. He will be working closely with faculty to provide students with opportunities to apply their learnt knowledge and develop their problem-solving skills in preparation for practice.

In 2020, Saqib desires to bring the thrill of anatomy from surgical tables to the BUSS classrooms to inspire and further surgical interests in aspiring students. This will be achieved via convening various events throughout the BUSS calendar year that focus on clinical decision making, covering basic surgical principles and specific surgical conditions.

If you would like to provide feedback regarding any events or contact Saqib, please do so via email.



Tom is a final year medical student with a broad interest in the field of surgery. His main interests include improving student-student surgical networks and the promotion of student involvement in surgery be it in theatre or in the research domain. In 2019 Tom attended the international surgical students conference and the MIPS Queensland surgical interests conference on the Gold Coast, meeting a number of other students keen on a career in surgery whilst fostering a genuine interest in the many facets of the surgical domain.Tom’s primary interests include all things surgery, from the urological and vascular specialities to general surgery, he enjoys it all!

In 2019 Tom is aiming to build relationships with a number of great sponsors, ensuring the society is well supported and is able to conduct great events. With solid sponsorship,  these events will allow  as many students as possible to both learn, practice new skills and hear from a number of engaging speakers. Without the continued support of sponsors BUSS would not be where it is today.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Bond University Surgical Society please contact Tom Neerhut.


Karamveer Nagi is the current Publications and IT Director of the Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS). As a 3rd year medical student, his interest from surgery originates from the combination of anatomy and clinical skills to benefit the overall health of the patient. He has experience throughout High School in IT and design and can’t wait to further his passion in his role.

Karamveer’s aim for 2020 is to streamline the way students interact with BUSS and to engage everyone with his amazing graphical designs to be visually appealing. He hopes to provide clean and new ideas for posters, magazines and websites.

If you have any queries regarding BUSS Publications or the website, don’t hesitate to contact Karamveer via email.



Krishna Doshi is a 3rd year medical student. Krishna is very excited to be a part of Bond University Surgical Society in 2020 as the Engagement Director. Surgery fascinates Krishna because of the life-changing effects it can have. The hands on nature of surgery also interests Krishna. As Engagement Director, Krishna will be involved in social media publications to inform students about upcoming events, post photos of past events and engage students about new innovations in the field of surgery. Please do not hesitate to contact Krishna for any inquiries!



Our Events

This year, BUSS plans to continue our many successful events from 2018, whilst also introducing new, innovative ways to engage the Bond community in surgically related activities.

    Surviving your Surgical Rotation

    Day in the life of a Neuro/Ortho Surgeon

    Bond Emergency Medical Challenge

    Advanced Surgical Skills Workshop

    Interactive Clinical Anatomy Night (ICAN)

    [Semester 2 and 3 Events Coming Soon!]

    Surviving your Surgical Rotation (21/JAN/2019)

     Worried about how you’re going to survive your surgical rotation? BUSS has you covered! 5th-year students who attended a surgical placement at GCUH, Tweed, Pindara and Wesley hospital, along with surgeon and year 4 lead Dr Stephen White will be present to answer your questions and pass on tips and tricks for you to ace your surgical rotation.

    Day in a life of a Neuro/ Ortho Surgeon (13/FEB/2019)

    BUSS will present a night filled with workshops and speeches that encompass these two very contrasting fields of surgery. Students will listen to two leading surgeons as they discuss their daily routines, common surgeries and many challenges they face on a daily basis as a surgeon. Workshops will prompt you to follow the speeches and food will be served at 5:30 pm


    • Ortho:
      • Tendon Repair
      • Bone drilling
    • Neuro:
      • Pending

    Bond Emergency Medical Challenge (06/MAR/18)

    Do you have what it takes to tackle a wide range of emergency medical scenarios? Get your teams prepared and get your war paint on! EMC is an exciting opportunity for teams to compete for the best emergency medical challenge team crown at Bond University before being selected to represent the university in the state’s EMC

    Advanced Surgical Skills Workshop (13/MAR/2019)

    An opportunity for clinical year students to improve skills in suturing, cyst removal, hand typing and laparoscopy- perfect preparation for your surgical rotation AND if you’re interested in participating in the upcoming RACS competition!

    Interactive Clinical Anatomy Night (ICAN) (25/MAR/2019)

    A fun and exciting opportunity for students to compete in pairs and apply knowledge through high yield questions and cases designed to simulate the exam closely. This event is fantastic practice, working through major clinical anatomy, pathology and pharmacology concepts. A brilliant chance to get involved and get ahead with exam preparation!

    Coming Soon!

    Coming Soon!

    Current Events

    Surviving your Surgical Rotation (21/JAN/2019)

    Worried about how you’re going to survive your surgical rotation? BUSS has you covered! 5th-year students who attended a surgical placement at GCUH, Tweed, Pindara and Wesley hospital, along with surgeon and year 4 lead Dr Stephen White will be present to answer your questions and pass on tips and tricks for you to ace your surgical rotation.

      Surviving Your Surgical Rotation: BUSS Event Registration Form

      If you would like to take part in our event, please fill in your details in the Event Registration Form below and you will be automatically registered. Event registration must occur one (1) day prior to the event.

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